Address :   96 Durley Ave
Telephone :   020 30054648
Mobile :   07950898114
Fax :   N/A
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Telecom plus PLC can offer you a career in which you can work part time. The company offers great value telecoms energy and award winning broadband services to UK households and businesses. Go to for full details:- with over 350,000 customers you will be working with a company who are growing fast and have recently joined the top 250 companies in the UK and a turnover of over £285 million last year. You earn an income in 3 ways 1 Every time a new customer joins you earn a customer gathering bonus of up to £95+ 2. Every month you get around 3.5% commission on what your customers spend so if a customer spends £150 on their bills you get £5 but here’s the fantastic part you get paid this commission EVERY month for as long as that customer stays with us. 3. Introduce other people who want to earn a part time income that keeps on growing and you earn a commission on the customers they introduce. Plus you can get a brand new mini which is yours to keep once you qualify - The earning potential is fantastic - you need to commit a minimum of 5 hrs a week, just an hour a day The Company offers comprehensive training and bonuses to help you get going quickly. All this for only £100, which the company will pay you back double if you sign up just 12 customers in your first 90 days. For more details: - Details of this unique business opportunity... This Business could change your life.



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