Rauls Cakes

Address :  

16 Rusheygreen


Telephone :   020 8690 9793
Mobile :   079 5638 4399
Fax :   N/A
E-mail :   info@raulscakes.co.uk
website :   www.raulscakes.co.uk

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Rauls Cakes

We offer:-

Wedding Cakes
Birthday Cakes
Celebration Cakes
Creative & Imaginary Cakes.

If you are after a unique, home made, personalised cake creation, the you have come to the right place. Just decide what you want, we are ther to make what you have imagined bu in a very high standard than what you expect. We create cake s suitable for all your requirements. We are flexible and give you the pleasure of customizing and designing your own cakes.

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